May 26 2002
Dear Mac OS X fans,
After months of seeking, I finally managed to find and ensure enough continuous insider information on future developments of Mac OS X before anyone else does, thanks to some good relations with people who are directly involved in the development of Mac OS X.

Since I'm sure that the sources I have are reliable enough to supply me with info about any latest beta seeds of Mac OS X even with some screenshots, I decided to register the following domain names :

I will use these domains for a rumor site, that will provide to Mac fans reliable and verified insider information about future releases of Mac OS X.

Yes I know, it looks like I was somehow inspired by our friends at, but macosXr doesn't want to compete with this site in any way.

I'd also like to add that I will not post any content on the site that may hurt Apple even if it is very interesting information. I and people who help me to write the articles don't want to hurt Apple's interests in any way. We are all big Apple fans here.


Although the site is still in a developmental phase and will be officially opening in June, you are invited to contact mosxr for inside information or for any questions you may have on the future of Mac OS X. You'll get a reply by email or directly via the site's articles.

If you have inside information about further Mac OS X and Mac OS X server further development and want to join our sources, don't hesitate to contact macosXrumors here. If you want to ask a question about Mac OS X development and you want me to ask my sources about it, please drop me a mail here. You can also mail me here for any other reason. Please specify if you would like to stay anonymous or not, you are anonymous by default. Suggestions and critics for this site are also welcome here. Mails in French or other languages will also be read.

If you experience any problems with the mail server (Delivery Mail Service returns...), please contact mosxr here.

Thank you in advance for your support.