June the 30th 2002
Apple to buy Alias/Wavefront, makers of Maya.
One of our sources has sent us very interesting information about Apple's future purchasing plans. According to the source, Apple is about to purchase Alias/Wavefront, the subsidiary of Silicon Graphics which makes the very famous Maya 3D software. The source adds that Apple may buy only some intellectual property from SGI, as did Microsoft some months ago, or buy only a portion of its 3D software subsidiary, Alias/Wavefront.

We tried to verify this rumor by asking other sources close to Apple and they told us this purchase is really likely and that they had already heard words about it during the last three months from Apple executives.

If this is true, Apple and SGI will both be happy with this purchase, as SGI wants to get rid of it's 3D software subsidiary, and Apple wants to take over Cinema and 3D industry.

On the other hand, Apple recently warned investors for lower revenues, what may mean that Apple has abandonned purchasing plans for the moment.

More info will be posted as soon as we have it. If you have more info than us, let us know here.

June the 13th 2002
Mac OS X 10.2 for free, no iWeb on Jaguar but for later.
I have both good and bad news. I'll start with the good news. According to several sources, the next major release of Mac OS X (Jaguar) will be called Mac OS X 10.2 and Apple won't charge money for this upgrade. They'll actually charge only for packaging and shipment like they did for Mac OS X 10.1 last year. Apple should release this major update sometime in August or early September.

Let me tell you about the bad news now. Don't expect Apple's rumored web browser iWeb to be released with Jaguar. According to sources, the development of this browser is really in an early phase and Apple won't be able to deliver a final product for this summer or early September. There is still hope that Apple's development team will finish it sooner than expected, but it's more likely that iWeb will be released
separately during the last quarter of the year. My sources haven't received any running builds of this software and have not even heard of any, some even doubt about the actual existence of this project.

If you know more, tell us here.

June the 5th 2002
iWeb: new hope for an Apple branded web browser?
Today, a french site (macosxtech.com) posted a really surprising article that talks about "iWeb", which could be an Apple branded web browser currently in development for Jaguar!?

I'm quite confused at the moment because, as I said in the last article posted on June the 1rst, all my sources tell me they had never heard about any project like this. So what does this mean? Was this a well kept secret by Apple, until today? Is Apple messing aroung with rumor sites again ? Before giving my opinion on this, I'm going to check one more time with my sources to see if they can comfirm the iWeb rumor, though this can take
some time.

Anyway, a new version of Internet Explorer is still expected to be released soon. It should be loaded with a lot of new features, big improvements on performance and better compatibility. The question now is: which browser will we use as standard one in Jaguar?

I'll post more info about iWeb soon if sources verify that this rumor is true. The more sources I have, the more certain I can be that my postings are valid, so if you have anything you would like to share with me, and macosXrumors.com visitors, please drop me a mail here.

June the 1rst 2002
Don't expect iBrowse but a new Internet Explorer instead
With all the noise surrounding iBrowse, many people have been expecting it to be released with Jaguar or anytime later. With the help of some sources, I can give an opinion about the rumors concerning iBrowse which actually seems to be a simple suggestion and nothing that looks like any real project at Apple development team.

Apple apparently likes and encourages web browser projects for Mac OS X but it doesn't want to compete with these projects at the moment. Apple wouldn't get any profit by entering the browser war. It may just encourage developers, including Microsoft to support them by releasing great software for Mac OS X. So forget all about any Apple branded browser for the moment. Internet Explorer should remain Mac OS X default browser in Jaguar.

Microsoft should release a major update of Internet Explorer very soon, a version that can be released is currently ready but Microsoft's Mac BU team may want to add some last minute features before releasing it. What should alter it's release date.

Things may change from now to september, especially if the coming release of Internet Explorer for Mac OS X is disappointing in terms of performance. If one of you get any inside info on it, I'm waiting for your mails here.