March the 29th 2003
Answer to readers: "Why is this site not very often updated?"
During the last two months, I've received a lot of mails of readers complaining that I'm not updating very often with new articles and cool new rumors. I'd like to explain you why. Actually there are several reasons:

- I'm doing my best to post information that is quite verified, and it sometimes takes time if you want to do that seriously.
- I'm trying to post information that hasn't already been posted elsewhere except for some important subjects or if I have more details than others.
- This site is quite specialized on software related rumors, well... you know... it's not!!! And I don't think there is need to make a similar site because I believe our friends of MacRumors are just doing their job very well.
- I'm currently student and I don't always have enough time to do all the job I'm supposed to: verifying the reliability of some rumors and writing articles to report them.

Anyway I'm happy that you are so many to visit the site regularly and to send me many positive and sometimes very informative mails too. This site is not even one year old and it has really huge daily traffic, really! I sometimes can't believe what my eyes see on the stats pages! Notice that there are still no banners on this site and I can say you that the shop section isn't even giving me back the money for the domain registration costs (let's not mention web hosting costs). That's why it is possible that domain name will not be renewed this year (I know... I know, that's exactly what did our friends of some months ago...).

I hope you'll understand me and continue to support, for a while. If you have any questions, comments or rumors! ;) HERE!.

March the 14th 2003
iTunes 4 to come soon. With new iPods?
Several rumor sites recently claimed that Apple was about to release new iPods soon. But it seems that they all were quite optimistic. At that time, some sources told me that it was too early and as you see they weren't wrong. The same sources comfirmed me that Apple is also going to release a new version of iTunes that will add be a major release with several new features:

Rendezvous support for iTunes playlists is a feature that Steve Jobs showed us several months ago and it's almost sure that this feature will be added to iTunes 4.0. Full MP4 (encode/decode) compatibility is also expected on iTunes 4.0 as well as on the firmware of the new iPods. It is possible that Apple adds also some new visual plug-ins for iTunes.

Finally, it's quite confirmed that Apple is going to launch its own music service that will allow Mac users to download legally copyright protected MP3s in partnership with several music companies. According to several sources this major update of iTunes will be integrated with this new service.

This update may come with or without an iPod update and it can happen at anytime during March or April. If you have more info don't hesitate to write in here.