December the 26th 2003
iChat AV 3.0: compatibility with future AOL/AIM video-chat and more... UPDATED!
UPDATE: A petition asking Apple to support USB/USB2 cameras in iChat AV has just started here. Although it looks like Apple is already working on it, it's worth signing this petition so as to show them they're on the right path ;). There are also a few other features being confirmed, so I might post a follow-up article soon.

It looks like AOL and Apple are really on good terms these days. Recently, Apple announced a partnership with AOL for Apple's iTunes Music Store. Over the last two months, I've been receiving persistent reports from quite accurate sources that AOL is working with Apple in order to make its future versions of AOL and AIM software compatible with iChat AV for video chat. None of my sources could determine if that compatibility would be available in the current version of iChat AV or not but indicated that it will require at least a minor update. Although this feature will probably only be available in the next release of iChat AV (probably 3.0), it is very exciting to know that Mac OS X users will soon be able to video-chat with millions of PC users. Sources expect this compatibility feature to come by mid 2004 and have no idea of whether AOL or Apple will make an official announcement before its release.

Some weeks ago, I tested a beta version of iChat that includes a new data-encryption feature, so it's now reasonable to assume that the next release of iChat will have it.

I guess many of you would love it if iChat finally supported USB/USB 2.0 web-cams without requiring any enhancer software or hacks. Some reports indicated that Apple is working on adding support for a broad range of third-party USB/USB 2.0 and FireWire web cams for the next release of iChat, but this is not solidly confirmed information.

It's also claimed that Apple is making some effort to add compatibility with Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger to iChat but according to the sources, that won't be easy to do, especially with MSN. It is, in any event, not planned for the near future and I personally guess that we can only hope for some text chat compatibility with MSN. Moreover, I think that it would be just enough because MSN Messenger's video conferencing is not very high quality anyway.

The new version of iChat is expected to come along with next major release of Mac OS X. Sources added it might be bundled with Apple's iSight. Sources couldn't tell me if and when there will be any public preview version of the next release of iChat but this is not out of question.

Any further information about the next release of iChat is welcome here. I'm currently also working on verifying some reports about the future of iTunes Music Store, the next release of Mac OS X and the next generation of iPods so don't hesitate to mail me if you have rumour information on these topics.

December the 25th 2003
Happy Christmas!
I was very busy these days because of my studies and of the Christmas preparations, that's why the site hasn't been updated for a while. So happy Christmas to all of you and stay tuned, as some rumors are coming this week.

December the 6th 2003
MW SF 2004: Sources confirm iPhoto 3, Keynote 2.0 and expect iMovie 4 release as well. UPDATED!
UPDATE: ThinkSecret reports that the next release of iMovie will be version 3.5 and not 4.0 as I reported. I could not verify that information by my own sources but I believe that ThinkSecret's report it is not impossible. I'll keep you informed if there is something new about it.

I've recently reported that Apple could introduce iPhoto 3, Keynote 2.0 and Final Cut Pro 5.0 during MacWorld SF 2004.

Some reliable sources are now confirming the release of iPhoto 3 and Keynote 2.0 but also claim that a new version of iMovie (version 4.0) is also to be released.

All of these applications have not seen any major update for a while, which makes me confident about this rumour.

Unfortunately I couldn't get further confirmation or details on the features that these new versions will add, so if any of you has any information to add, don't hesitate to contact me.