March the 23rd 2004
Apple to announce new PowerBooks at WWDC 2004.
I've never specialized in hardware rumours and, as such, they remain occasional on this site., However, I think this piece of information, although it is hardware related, can be taken seriously.

Some reliable sources have informed me that Apple is preparing to present its next-generation PowerBooks during the World Wide Developers Conference that takes place in San Francisco from June 28 to July 2, 2004.

Sources could not confirm with certainty that the new PowerBooks would be equipped with a PowerPC G5 processor or if they would remain with the G4. The initial source said it was possible for Apple to release a G5 based PowerBook in that timeframe though.

In terms of hardware characteristics, other than the processor, sources indicated that the SuperDrive (DVD-RW) could become standard in all models (at least the 15" and 17" ones) and that all the models would include faster graphic chips.

Another clue showing WWDC could be an appropriate time to release the new Powerbooks is that most of Apple and also a lot of Unix developers are known to be big PowerBook fanatics. I've also questioned some resellers about stock quantities of the PowerBook models and most of them told me there were still strong stocks and that it was still possible to order.

Any more precise information is welcome here. and I welcome any technical information that could help me to determine if Apple can release G5 based Powerbooks as early as June 2004.

As usual, should there be any further news on this or any other front I will post it here.