April 1, 2003 @ 2:18 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (macosXrumors)
The rumors that I didn’t publish.

As today it is April the 1rst, I decided to publish what could be the headlines of some rumor articles if I had the possibility to verify their reliability. Sometimes they’re quite credible and maybe true and sometimes they’re really funny and even crazy for some of them:

- Apple is about to buy Corel for $200 million
I received two mails claiming that "one of my friends told me that…", but it seems it was the same person, probably a shareholder of Corel. Well, we never know…

- Apple to buy Macromedia
One mail only claimed that. I wonder if Apple can afford such a purchase.

- Apple is going to add SMS-send service to .Mac (with iChat integration):
It is not impossible that it happens, but my sure sources didn’t confirm that.

- Microsoft to stop development of Virtual PC
I received a lot of mails about that. Sure sources just indicated me the contrary.

- Apple branded PC emulator integrated with Mac OS X Panther
I don’t think Apple will ever do that. Apple has convinced a lot of developers to port their applications on Mac OS X so it’s really not a priority for Apple to add Windows compatibility to Mac OS X.

- Steve Jobs is going to quit Apple in 2005
I think that even Mr Jobs himself doesn’t know when he’s going to quit Apple. I hope it will be the later possible because I believe he’s doing a great job. A recent mail even claimed he would be replaced by Al Gore ;).

- iPeer, a P2P client from Apple?
I think it’s not a very serious rumor.

I hope you enjoyed those special rumors. I don’t believe that any of them can become reality though. If you don’t know Crazy Apple Rumors already, I’d suggest you to visit this site, it’s plenty of crazy humoristical rumors like some of those I’ve just mentioned. Actually they’re quite making fun of us (rumor sites), but I think it’s really pleasent to read them.


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