June 18, 2003 @ 2:31 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (macosXrumors)
About the site’s new layout (version 3).

As you have certainly noticed, since last week, macosXrumors has seen it’s layout renewed once again. I decided to restart the layout from the beginning because the last one I had made on early April was a lot criticized and I realized it was indeed quite ugly.

The new design remains very economic in terms of server resources consumption with 2-3 hits per page view that can be reduced to only 1 hit by activating cache. That means that now this site is capable of receiving a maximum of 3600 page views every hour without exceeding the providers’ quotas which is quite good and I think will be enough.

This time the feedback about the new design was really positive. I received and still receive dozens of mails of readers that find the site much more pleasant to read and so fast loading. A lot of you mentioned the site’s greater usability which was really one of the points I’ve focused on.

A special thanks to Marinos Bramos who helped me for the choice of the colors as well as for other things, to Cosmix for his objective and relevant opinion on the pre-layouts and to other friends or readers who expressed their point of view and their suggestions on the new layout.

Some of you may also have noticed that there is a bigger selection of products on the "Shop" section. Do not hesitate to suggest if you’d like to see another product and don’t forget that you can buy any product available on Amazon.com while helping this site since you are visiting Amazon through any of the links that you see on the "Shop" section.

To finnish, I’d like to remind some sources that when they suggest me to contact them in their mails, they should either provide me some contact information or not use the anonymous mail form ;). I’ll let you know very soon about my decision to cover or not the WWDC 2003 event with a transcript of the video-stream on the site for those who will not be able to connect to the stream.


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