April 1, 2004 @ 3:11 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (macosXrumors)
The rumors I did not publish : IBM investing in Apple, Apple Expo 2004 to be cancelled, Longhorn for PowerPC and more…

Like last year, for April Fool’s Day, I’m going to enumerate some headlines that could be posted this year if it had been accurately verified. Some of these rumours are crazy and unbelievable while others are credible but not verified. You to judge :

- Apple and IBM commitment to be financially reinforced.

I really hesitated to publish this one as it had only been partially confirmed by some reliable sources and very well argued by the initial ones. I’ve even composed a full posting in case I receive further confirmation.

- Apple to include Windows emulation into Mac OS X.

Many many unreliable sources claimed it!

- Apple Expo 2004 to be cancelled again, due to terrorist attack fears.


- DELL to follow HP and include iTunes with their PCs.

Looks like our friend Michael wanted to express his secret dreams through an anonymous post ;).

- Apple in talks to buy Discreet.

Would be a good move indeed! C’mon Steve!

- Microsoft developing Windows Longhorn for PowerPC.

Let them release it for Intel/AMD first ;).

- Adobe to stop developing its software on the Mac platform.

Actually, I’ve been told that Adobe’s Mac revenues increased 3 points during the last quarter, so I think doing this would be really silly, at the moment.

And to finish, here is a macosXrumors rumour!

- macosXrumors is considering changing its name and take a "general mac rumours" oriented direction.

No comments…

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Some of these rumours are a bit more serious than others. I’d like to clear that this posting is not intended to encourage you to send me unfounded rumours. There’s no contest running here! ;).


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