October 12, 2005 @ 12:29 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware, Strategy, Events)
Full report on October 12 Special Event (UPDATE)

Today Apple released several new products during a special press event. The company unveiled a new iMac lineup, a new iPod with video features and two new applications: Photobooth, FrontRow. The popular music application iTunes has been updated to version 6 while Apple adds video content to its store.

Act I: iMac:
The new iMac is thinner, faster (1.9 & 2.1Ghz) and has two major new features: It includes an iSight and a controller. Storage capacity is also increased to 160Gb for the 17″ model and 250GB for 20″ one. The new iMac also includes a faster video card (ATI Radeon X600 Pro or XT with 128MB DDR video memory) and the recently released mighty mouse.

Both models come with 512MB of RAM and a SuperDrive. However, we noticed on Apple’s site that the new iMac does not include an internal modem, it is now an option and comes as an external USB modem.

Front Row is an application that ships with the new iMac, it allows you to manage and watch pictures movies or listen to your music, by using the controller that ships with the new iMac.

Photo Booth is an application that comes with the iSight and the iMac (which now includes an integrated iSight). It allows you to take pictures with the iSight and manage them.

Act II: iPod video:
The new iPod comes in black and white colors and has video features. It can read MPEG-4 or H.264 encoded videos at the resolution of 320x240 pixels. The 30GB iPod is about 33% thinner than the 4G 20GB one while the 60GB is about 15% thinner.

Act III: iTunes 6:
ITune has been downloaded over 200 million times so far. Only five weeks after iTunes 5 release, Apple releases iTunes 6 with three new features: Song gifting, customer reviews and Just for you which finds out and recommends you the music you prefer.

Apple has made available video content to its store. Users may download various music or videos or Pixar short films for $1.99 or 2.49€ each, that can be played in an iPod video. Jobs showed a music video of U2 and Black Eyed Peas. iTunes 6 is available today for download. Videos bought on iTunes play on 5 computers, unlimited iPods, can’t be burned. Gifting is also allowed for video content.

One More Thing:
Apple announces a deal with Disney’s ABC, making the top 5 TV shows available on iTunes for $1.99 per episode. Desperate Housewives, Lost, NightStalker, That’s so Raven and The Suite Life are the five TV shows that will be available on iTunes from today. All the paid content is ad free while a broadband connection is required to download it.

Disney’s CEO Robert Iger came on stage and explained the company is really excited to deal with Apple and that this new feature is a big breakthrough in the industry.

The presentation ended with the trumpetist Wynton Marsalis’ live performance.

UPDATE: Made some corrections, added details.


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