January 14, 2006 @ 3:18 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software)
Microsoft discontinues Windows Media Player for Mac

Microsoft announced that it is stopping the development of Windows Media Player for the Mac platform. (more…)

January 11, 2006 @ 4:38 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware)
Apple releases iPod Updater 2006-01-10

Apple has released iPod Updater 2006-01-10 through the software update utility. Here is the description provided by Apple for this update: (more…)

@ 12:53 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Mac OS X, Software)
Google Earth available for Mac

Google has officially released Google Earth for Mac which has been made available on their web site.

Requirements to run Google Earth for Mac are the following:

Mac OS X (10.4)
256M RAM
400MB disk space
Network speed: 128Kbits/sec
3D-capable video card with 16Mbytes of VRAM
1024x768, “16-bit High Color” screen

Mac users have been waiting several months after the Windows release but now, the piece of Software is available as a final 3.1 version for Mac OS X. About a month ago, a beta version was leaked on the Internet and was made available on several peer to peer networks.

January 10, 2006 @ 5:36 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Mac OS X, Software)
Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.4 update

Apple has just released Mac OS X 10.4.4 update through the Software Update utility. The 27.6MB update brings the following improvements, according to Apple:

The 10.4.4 Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users.

It includes fixes for:

- SMB/CIFS and NFS network file services
- Bluetooth wireless access
- Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Image, RAW camera support, including updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers
- Spotlight indexing and searching
- AppleScript, iChat, DVD Player, and Safari applications
- Dashboard widgets: Calendar and Stocks
- Software Update and Sync Services
- compatibility with USB and FireWire devices and third party applications
- previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website: http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n302810.

For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website: http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n61798.

@ 2:11 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software)
Apple updates iTunes and QuickTime

Apple has posted updates for both iTunes and QuickTime through the Software Update , bringing them respectively to versions 6.0.2 and 7.0.4.

@ 1:15 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software)
Apple releases iLife ‘06 and iWork ‘06

Apple has announced iLife ‘06 and iWork ‘06 during MacWorld SF 2006 opening keynote today.

@ 12:57 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware)
Apple posts Aluminium Powerbook 15″ battery update

Apple has posted an update for the Powerbook Aluminium 15″ through the Software Update utility.

The update provides the following improvements, according to Apple:

This update aids the 15-inch Aluminum PowerBook battery in performing at full capacity.

January 9, 2006 @ 4:31 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Events)
iWork ‘06, iLife ‘06 and .Mac new features?

Unconfirmed reports reveal some details about iWork ‘06, iLife ‘06 and .Mac improvements which are expected to be announced tomorrow during Macworld Expo 2006. According to the reports, Apple will mainly bring multiple-media web-publishing features to its consumer-oriented software and services this year.

January 8, 2006 @ 10:44 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware, Strategy, Events)
iTunes mobile to add video, new iTunes partnership

According to a vague anonymous report, the iTunes mobile platform could add support for iTunes videos in the near future while Apple could be in talks for an “iTunes deal” with a second mobile phones maker.

In a similar deal as with Motorola, the new partner will be allowed to sell iTunes enabled mobile phones but with support of iTunes videos as well. Meanwhile, Motorola and Apple should continue with their partnership.

We also learned from older unconfirmed reports that while Apple and Sony Ericsson had failed to find a deal, Apple had also been in talks with Samsung and Nokia.

We have no information about when the new version of iTunes mobile and the deal with the second mobile manufacturer will be announced but we may speculate on an announcement during MacWorld Expo.

January 5, 2006 @ 1:16 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software)
iLife ‘06 leaked on Apple’s web site

MacRumors notices that Apple has accidentally leaked some information on iLife ‘06 on its own web site.

The page shows that GarageBand will provide podcast recording and maybe even video podcast support. It also mentions iWeb in the list of the iLife ‘06 applications. Maybe a simple to use web editor? We don’t know more about it.

Apple has since replaced this page with the former version but MacRumors has kept a screenshot.

January 4, 2006 @ 12:17 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware, Events)
Apple to bring more pro video products this year

According to ThinkSecret, Apple will unveil several video products during NAB 2006 which takes place on April the …. The new products expected to be released include Final Cut Pro 6, Final Cut Extreme, an even higher definition 30″ display and an improved XServe RAID.

No details are given about Final Cut Pro 6.0, but ThinkSecret claims that Apple is going to launch a new product called Final Cut Extreme. This new product will be very high-end and will directly compete with AVID products while it will be similarly priced at around $10 000.

As for the hardware, Apple is expected to release a larger than 30″ display with resolution upgraded to 4520x2540 pixels and improve its XServe RAID with an InfiniBand link instead of the current fibre channel link.

@ 6:19 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware)
Apple updates Airport Express and Airport Extreme

Apple has posted a firmware update for Airport Express (to version 6.3) and Airport Extreme (to version 5.7).

Fixes for Airport Express 6.3 and Airport Extreme 5.7 firmware:

-Resolves issue with Audio dropout when playing to AirPort Express with AirTunes
-Resolves issue with Wireless Disabled mode for AirPort Express
-Resolves issue with AirPort Extreme LAN Performance
-Resolves issue when enabling AOL Parental Controls
-Resolves issue with vulnerability to Denial of Service Attacks (bonk)
-Resolves issue with wireless internet access through AirPort via some PPPoA DSL Routers
-Improved reliability when printing through AirPort base stations
-Improved support for RADIUS servers
-Improved support for Network Time Servers (NTP) for AirPort when using an IP addresses

Both updates are available from Apple’s support web site.

January 3, 2006 @ 3:19 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware)
Apple updates Bluetooth

Apple has posted a firmware update for Bluetooth on its web site.

Here is the description of the update provided by Apple:

The Bluetooth Firmware Update 1.2 improves Bluetooth performance and reliability issues.

When the update package is downloaded, the Bluetooth Firmware Updater application will be launched. Follow the on screen directions to update your Bluetooth Firmware.

The Bluetooth Firmware Updater supports D-Link USB Adapters and Apple internal Bluetooth modules on the following CPUs:
iMac G4
12″ PowerBook
15″ PowerBook
iMac G5
Mac Mini

January 2, 2006 @ 3:22 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software, Hardware, Strategy, Events)
1TB of monthly bandwidth on .Mac (UPDATE)

Tuaw.com reports (dated 31/12/2006) that Apple has enabled a monthly bandwidth of 1TB a month for each .Mac member. A screenshot is available at World of Apple blog.

The Mac-centric web scpeculates that this could have something to do with a recent report from ThinkSecret claiming that Apple is planning to launch an online video on demand service, with content stored remotely, during MacWorld Expo 2006.

Apple was previously offering 10GB per month to its .Mac customers.

UPDATE: European readers report that they don’t see the upgrade reflected on their accounts.

December 23, 2005 @ 9:44 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Software)
Apple offers free videos on iTunes

Apple has made available through its iTunes Music Store a couple of free to download video clips:

- Saturday Night Live Short - Lazy Sunday
- Sci Fi Inside: Battlestar Galactica

They respectively last 2′31″ and 21″03′ and they’re available for free on the U.S. iTunes store.

It’s the first time Apple offers free videos for download on iTunes. Some video clips are sometimes bundled with albums though.

December 22, 2005 @ 1:33 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Mac OS X, Software)
Apple updates Soundtrack Pro

Along with the update for Aperture, Apple has also released an update for Soundtrack Pro to version 1.0.2. The update which waights 41.6MB has the following description:

About this update
Soundtrack Pro Update (version 1.0.2) gives audio and video professionals a powerful way to edit and design sound.

Soundtrack Pro waveform editor includes innovative action layering and intelligent repair and restoration functions that let you accurately manipulate audio while retaining total creative flexibility. And, with support for video formats up to HD resolutions, full multitrack editing and mixing, over 50 professional effects plug-ins, and thousands of included Apple Loops, precise audio control has never been so intuitive.

This update is not for the version of Soundtrack that ships with Final Cut Pro, which is alrady numbered 1.2. More information about this update can be found here.

@ 12:40 am (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Mac OS X, Software, Hardware)
Apple updates Aperture

Apple has released an update for Aperture to version 1.0.1 through the Software Update utility and its web site. The update offers the following changes and improvements:

Aperture 1.0.1 Update addresses a number of issues related to reliability and performance. It also delivers improved image export quality and metadata handling. Among the key areas addressed are:

White balance adjustment accuracy and performance
Image export quality
Book and print ordering reliability
Auto-stacking performance
Custom paper size handling
This update is recommended for all Aperture users.

December 16, 2005 @ 8:36 pm (EST) — posted by Alexandros Roussos (Mac OS X, Software)
Mac OS X 10.4.4 8G22

AppleInsider and ThinkSecret report that another build of Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.4, numbered 8G22, has been seeded to developers this week.

This update will bring more than one hundred bug fixes to Apple’s operating system and should be released very soon, according to both sites.

According to ThinkSecret, an OpenGL bug is currently the only major issue that remains on the 8G22 build.

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